Meet the team

Four pretty cool dudes who are terrible at online dating

A portrait of Taylor, Keys' CEO


Taylor Margot

The hair! The beard! Not one but two annoying dogs! Taylor really has it all. When he's not on video calls, texting customers, or listening to user feedback, Taylor can usually be found... well, I'm not really sure, because that's pretty much all he does. This company is his life, which is really all you can ask of a CEO.

A portrait of Dave, Keys' Chief Technology Officer


David Blanchard

Keys' Chief Technology Officer is a man torn between two worlds - coding and tennis. Fortunately, his swollen joints keep him in the office most days, during which he can always be counted on to address bugs, tackle database problems, and generally deal with anything he's served. (get it?)

A portrait of Jack, Keys' Chief Experience Officer


Jack Peterson

Any time nitty-gritty details need to be hammered out, Jack is the first one to jump in to go over user behavior and edge cases in excruciating detail. Without his careful documentation, we would have very little idea what to work on in any given day. He also drives a minivan, which is pretty cool and speaks a great deal about his level of confidence.

A portrait of Walter, Keys' Chief Creative Officer


Walter Funke

If one could subsist on creativity alone, Walter would be a fat man. Unfortunately for Walter, one cannot—the man is all angles. Always prepared to mock something up, Walter excels at transforming abstract ideas into simple and delightful user experiences. When not pushing buttons, Walter can be found in the kitchen, roped to the side of a cliff, or running (from what we’re not sure)

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