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June 27, 2022

How to respond to heyy: 6 things to do when your match sends “heyy :)”

Someone messages you "heyy" and suddenly you're wondering "how do you respond to heyy" anyway?? Dating apps just don’t work like real life. If someone you were attracted to walked across the room, smiled and said “heyy,” that would be enough to start something. And it would probably make your whole year. Online, however, and the same interaction feels stale, canned, and uncreative. It would be amazing if people would put a little more effort into openers (like we did, duh), but the reality is that most of us will get a couple of these in our online dating lives. Here are a few ways to get past it:

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  1. Respond with “heyyy :D.” one more “y” and a bigger smily face shows how much you care.
  2. Since they’re clearly not interested in introductions or small talk, just skip right to the big questions. Do they want kids? Are they comfortable living in your parent’s basement? If they had to choose between being eaten alive and eating until they died, which would it be? Now is the time to find out!
  3. Call your dad.
  4. Ask them what made them swipe right on you. This one isn’t a joke. Be curious about what people find attractive about you!
  5. This one isn’t a joke either. Use one of the BASIC openers in Keys. They definitely live up to their name, but they are great for getting a conversation moving.
  6. Now that I’m thinking about, pretty much any Keys opener will work. The goal here is to get the other person talking and learn more about them, so anything that gets them to open up a little more will be a win for both of you.

Bottom line: have a strategy for getting past stale openers; there might be a really amazing person behind that text!

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