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June 27, 2022

Daddy Kink: How To Know If You Have A Daddy Fetish

Do you have a strong attraction to older men? 

Do you like to be dominated? 

Does the idea of being called “little girl” or “little boy” in bed turn you on? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be into the Daddy Kink. 

What is a daddy kink?

Usually, this does not mean you want to have sex with your father or even someone resembling your father. It is not about incest or pedophilia; it is more about role-play and the fantasy of being dominated by a strong, wise, masculine figure who is several years your senior. 

Some say that daddy fetishes are the result of actual daddy issues, i.e. not getting enough attention/affection from your father growing up and therefore trying to overcompensate by creating an intimate bond with someone who represents a father. Others say that there’s nothing psychological about it – it is simply a turn-on, like being turned on by the idea of having a threesome or being blindfolded.

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The same is true of those who have a Mommy Kink. We may not know exactly where it comes from, how it develops, and what’s brewing beneath the surface – but as long as it is safe, legal, and consensual, knock yourself out. 

How a daddy kink might play out in your relationship

Like many fetishes, the Daddy Kink has been said to create trust, respect, and a strong bond between the partners engaging in it. One could argue that there is an unequal and potentially unfair power balance between the Daddy and the Little, but that is one of the very purposes of Dominance/Submission – there is an unequal power dynamic (that has been discussed and agreed upon beforehand) where one person seizes total control and the other relinquishes total control. 

However, the Daddy Kink need not always be in a BDSM context, nor is it a prerequisite for there to be a staggering age difference between partners. I have been called Daddy once or twice in bed before and I’m no old man. Although I don’t have a Daddy Kink myself, the DK appears to be much more commonplace and less “extreme” than we might think.

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