An image of the astrological cycle inlayed into stone
July 12, 2022

Dating With the Stars

My relationship with Vedic astrology is, at best, tenuous. I know this is probably because I only know that my main sign is Aries, and that I only truly vibe with things said about Aries signs about 50% of the time. I was told once what my moon and rising signs were, only to immediately forget them. A true astrologist, one familiar with the nuances of the heaven’s motions, could probably give me enough information about myself to make my skin crawl, but like the scrolling horde that is my generation, I glean my astrological news from the various instagram accounts devoted thereto. Despite my doubting tendencies, I like the idea of some signs being drawn together, just as others naturally push apart. I’m not sure whether this could be used as the reason for what we call “chemistry” or simply a name by which to call it. Either way, I love the idea of a fated meeting, an inexplicable pull, an irresistible magnetism set forth in the stars.

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While I’d like to interpret the mysteries of the stars for you here and tell you your most compatible signs, I just don’t know anything, and not enough people will read this to warrant the extensive amount of research that would require. so instead, I invite you on scavenger hunt of LOVE, with the help of

  1. Read up on your own sign, if you don’t know much about it already. See if it jams with your vibe. 
  2. Figure out your crush’s sign (there’s a KEYS question for this, under MEDIUM ASK in BANTER). You could also just ask their birthday, but this is more fun. Plus, you get to hear how they feel about astrology, which opens a lot of conversational doors. 
  3. Take that precious morsel of knowledge right on over to this link: 
  4. Well? Are you soulmates?? If you’re feeling bold, use the results to keep the conversation spicy.

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