An image of a golden retriever holding a rose in its mouth. It's very cute.
June 27, 2022

Dog Is My Co-Pilot; Do Dogs Get You Dates?

Surveys, studies, and polls are in agreement; people are more likely to swipe right or otherwise try to connect with people who have cute pets (especially dogs) in their profile photos. Think back to your own recent swipes. Have you ever found someone more attractive because it looked like they had a dog? 

The psychology of this isn’t difficult to decode; If someone can take care of a dog, they may appear more affectionate, sensitive, and capable of caring for another living being. That’s hot. And then in a much more literal sense, dogs, am I right? Love ‘em. Maybe if I go on a date with this person I can get them to bring their dog. That way, even if the person is a bust, I can pet a dog. But beware! There’s a newly-minted verb making the rounds: Dogfishing, which describes the act of using pictures of oneself with a cute pet that is not entirely or at all one’s own, in order to capitalize on the advantage favoring dog owners. 

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Have you ever used a picture with a dog (yours or not-yours, no judgement, it’s a cruel world out there) with the hope that it would lead to more matches? Or are you a dog-owner on the lookout for another dog-owner? If so, there are now specific doggy dating apps, with options for both the pets and their owners to find dates. For the rest of us, whose leases don’t allow dogs and who don’t want to dogfish anyone, there’s KEYS, and the glimmer of hope that the hottie with a golden retriever puppy will swipe your way.

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