Looking down on a mug of coffee on a beige background.
June 27, 2022

How Does “Coffee date?” Make You Feel?

It’s a date, I swear. It’s like a night date, but it’s in the day. It’s like getting drinks, but the drinks make you more nervous, not less. You’re gonna love it. 

The coffee date has always felt like the sometimes-necessary second choice of the dating world. A fill-in until it’s time for “real” (dinner?) dates. But are coffee dates actually highly underrated? No, they are appropriately rated. But, if you find them deeply boring and generally awkward, here are a few ways to zheuzh up a morning bean-water rendezvous. 

  1. Make it a pre-game to another activity

Sitting opposite one another, clutching cozy drinks is all well and good, but the date gets even better when coffee is just the beginning. Get coffee, go on a hike. Get coffee, go thrifting. Get coffee, go paddleboarding. You get the idea. Make it part of a bigger plan, and you’re sure to have a memorable time.

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  1. Add more ingredients 

And I don’t mean to your coffee. A good coffee drink should have 4 ingredients, tops. But what if you only have time for a coffee date? Then spice it up! Maybe they’re into astrology or tarot. You can make it a charts and cards date. Or if you both like games, bring your favorite to share. If someone asked me on a Scrabble date, I’d lose my damn mind. Use the date as a chance to do an activity and share something you both like. 

  1. Choose location carefully

If you’re having a coffee date, pick somewhere you want to spend time. Support your local artsy cafes. Part of what makes getting drinks such a popular date is because of the ambiance. Look around for places that you feel comfortable in and that match your vibe. If you find a cute local place, your baristas will likely be able to tell that you’re on a date and pour hearts onto the tops of your lattes, which is cute as hell.

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