A woman giver her number to a man in a park.
June 21, 2022

How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number: 3 Must-Have Tips

“Be confident.” 

“Just be yourself.”

“Play it cool.” 

^ Common pieces of advice that have helped no guy ever. If you want to become an effective number-getter, you must do two things: 

First, follow the steps below. They are absolutely indispensable pieces of information that make the difference between interactions with women that end in number exchange and interactions with women that are a total flop. 

Second, embrace rejection. If you’re not getting any rejections, you’re not making any effort. It is a numbers’ game (no pun intended) – the more rejections you get, the closer you are to someone saying yes!

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Tip # 1: Right Place, Right Time.

Timing and location are everything when it comes to asking a girl out. Do not do it at the gym while she has her headphones in; do not do it on the dancefloor while she’s jamming out with her friends. Find a moment in which she is approachable and not distracted by 7 other things. 

Tip # 2: Eye contact first.

You need to make some connection before you walk up and ask for her number. If she hasn’t even had a moment to look at you and size you up, she may feel blindsided by a complete stranger approaching and asking for her number out of the blue. Look at her from across the room, lock eyes for a second, and see if she smiles or waves. If so, that is your cue to approach. 

Tip # 3: State your intention.

Tell her that you want her number. Be straightforward and direct, stating your intention with confidence. “Can I please have your number?” is passive and tentative; “I want to get your number so I can call you tomorrow” is confident and secure. Advance a statement, not a question. For example: 

I’d love to get your number so we can continue this conversation another time.   

I need your number! Plug in your contact. 

I’ve enjoyed chatting with you tonight, let me get your number.  

Go out there and give it a shot! And remember, respect her reaction. If she doesn't want to give you her number, DO NOT pressure her. Rejection is a good thing. Always better to shoot your shot and miss than not to shoot at all. 

Kevin Nahai from the Keys Team 

Dating & Relationship Coach 

IG: @ KevinNahai

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