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April 8, 2022

How To Move A Good Match Forward

So you’ve been talking for a while, and things are good, if a little tepid. You don’t want this to fizzle out, and you’re starting to wonder if this is going anywhere. You text a lot, and maybe talk on the phone or video chat, but you’re getting a little restless, a little bored. It's time to put the momentum back in the relationship. Below are 3 things you can do to get unstuck.

1. Add Some Chile To Your Chat

Give “How was your day?” and “wyd?” a much needed sabbatical and spice up your convos with questions they won’t see coming. It can be weird things you think of in the shower or the middle of the night; What do frogs smell like? Why aren’t there any dessert-sandwich delis? If you had to marry a reality TV personality, who would you wed? Really anything that makes them pause, think, or smile. If you need some help with these, our Banter category’s got you. You can even lean in hard with the soul-baring gems from the DARK and HARD ASK options. Intriguing revelations guaranteed. Don't forget those emojis!

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2. Flirt Face-to-face

If you’ve been chatting for awhile and you’re looking for the natural next step, it’s time to up your face-to-face time--even if it’s virtual. Put on your masks and get out there for some 3-D fun, or ask them out on a creative video date. We can help you with both. 

3. D that R

As in, define that relationship. Maybe things seem stuck because you want different things. Check in with them. If you’re on the same page, this heart-to-heart will likely move things forward. If not, it’s always better to be honest and know when to part company than to hold on to something that won’t serve either of you. If it’s time to let them down gently, our Disconnect sections can help you make the break without ghosting.

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