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June 27, 2022

Is the person you’re chatting with pulling away?

It may be time to acknowledge the pink elephant in the room. But before you do anything… first, stop and ask yourself if you’re over-thinking it. Are you just all up in your own head because you’re excited about this person, or is there any evidence that indicates they are losing interest? 

Sometimes this can be tough to ascertain. See if you can point to an actual change in their behavior—such as texting less often, being less enthusiastic about meeting up, or bailing on plans. If there is in fact a noticeable change in their approach to you, the best thing to do is communicate! Bring it up and ask how they are feeling, using one of our lines in Connect > Reignite, or Connect > Salvage.

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You can sit there and try to decipher the other person’s thoughts and behavior, but unless you’re a mind reader, it will likely be a waste of time. Instead, take two minutes to talk about it and gain some clarity. So much of what we sit there hoping for, anticipating, and wondering can be sorted out by using one of our lines and simply asking. Even if you don’t get the answer you wanted, you’ll get an answer; and nothing bad ever comes from open communication. 

-- Kevin from the Keys Team, Professional Dating & Relationship Coach

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