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June 27, 2022


When we first start dating someone we like, there is no end to the number of questions we have swirling around in our head: 

Do they like me? 

What can I do to get them to like me more? 

Why haven’t they asked me to hang out since our last date?

Did I say something to upset them? 

Are they pulling away or are they just really busy?

...And because we have a paralyzing fear of asking these types of questions point-blank, there is no end to the number of assumptions we’ll make up in our head: 

They don’t actually like me, they’re probably just bored. 

Maybe if I act hot-and-cold they’ll like me more. 

They’ll think I’m soo desperate if I tell them how I feel.

They’re definitely upset with me about something. 

If they actually liked me they wouldn’t be taking so long to respond. 

Does this sound like you? Well, it sounds like me… before I started communicating. It sounds like the frustrated younger version of me who used to drive himself absolutely nuts -- by making assumptions, keeping his questions/concerns to himself, and thinking he had the power to analyze and interpret another person’s behavior with 100% accuracy. 

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The truth is that we have two choices when it comes to dating: 

1. Communicate

2. Try to read minds.

If you go with Option 2, Godspeed my friend. 

If you go with Option A, which is to communicate, then you have to set your fears aside and actually communicate. And communicating means that whatever you’re wondering, you just f*ckin ask! Whatever you’re feeling, you just say it. 

Luckily for you, Keys has created thousands of phrases and questions that will help you tactfully communicate so as not to scare the other person off. But our mission over here is not to help you beat around the bush or parse your words; our mission is to help you communicate openly and honestly so that you can have success in your dating life. 

As a Dating & Relationship Coach, I can tell you that the basis of every successful relationship is successful communication. The success or failure of your dating life will boil down, at the most fundamental level, to the quality of your communication.

So just ask! Every question or concern you have can be reconciled in a three-minute conversation. Put yourself out of your misery and get an answer. Even if it is not an answer you like, any answer is better than no answer. Believe me, ask and you shall receive.

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