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June 27, 2022

Love is Blind For Hot People

I’m talking about both the ages-old cliche and that poop-in-a-tornado 2020 reality hit from Netflix. It was terrible, unrealistic, cringe-tastic, and when is season 2 coming, thank you. The premise is one we all want to believe; that it’s all about what’s inside that matters. But the show reveals the cracks in their own premise when half the couples “rock-solid connections” crumble within a week or so of meeting face to face, and everyone on the show was conventionally attractive in the first place. Life’s perfect in the pod, yall. The real trouble happens in real life. Not finding someone attractive based on their appearance still happens on Love Is Blind, but it’s just couched in language like “I feel like our energy has changed,” or “there’s not the right face-to-face chemistry.” Have you ever felt this way with someone you loved over text and then weren’t really vibing with in real life?

I don’t think that’s a bad thing. The real problem with the premise of looks not mattering on Love Is Blind is the pressure put on contestants to stick with their choices even when it’s clearly not working out. Oh, did I forget to mention that they have to get engaged before they meet in person? Or that they have to wait until the final wedding episode to break things off if they’re not feeling it? I get why they did this. They’re making bingeable television, not doing humanitarian intervention for the chronically lonely. That’s also why everyone on the show about looks not mattering is super hot and deeply selfish. 

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It’s almost like we’ve been dating from within our own pods (i.e., our homes), and now it’s almost time to leave the pod and meet face to face. I couldn’t write this without forcing a metaphor. But it’s true! Though with online dating being what it is, you hopefully know what your potential love matches look like. Connections are often made online and over text, but solidified in person. Seeing pictures and video chatting are simulations of real time, but what does that person smell like? What shape are their fingernails? Is their hair soft? When you start dating in person again, your brain is taking in and filtering hundreds of details you may not even be aware of. There’s a chance you may make a few strong online connections only to discover a lack of chemistry or attraction in the real world, and that’s ok. If your connection can make the transition to face-to-face hangs and dates, that’s amazing. And if not? That’s ok. At least you didn’t agree to marry the idea of someone, in a weird pod, for Netflix’s monetary gain. You don’t have to wait for season two. You can start over as many times as you need to.

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