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June 27, 2022

Picture This; How To Send The Right Message With Your Photos

It’s your digital meet-cute, your eyes locking from opposite sides of the street, your first impression. Their finger hovers over your photo for a few seconds. Which way will they swipe? Your photos may determine the answer. Below are real-life tips for selecting and taking the photos that will show potential matches what a supreme catch you are. 

Make sure your photos….

Are crisp and bright 

If it looks like it could be on a wanted poster, it’s too dark and too grainy. You want the first time someone sees you to be as fresh and inviting as if it were in real life. 

Are recent 

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about dating profile photos is when they are not recent or accurate depictions of their subject. You never want to meet up with someone who looks markedly different than the person you’ve been getting to know online. It’s unsettling. If you don’t have any good photos of your current self, ask a friend to do a photo shoot with you. It’ll be fun.

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Are easily identifiable

Is this one you in the back? Or this person on the side? Are you the grandma on the right, or the tween on the left? A group photo can be a great addition to your profile, but it shouldn’t be the first thing people see. Online daters say they don’t like group/friend pictures for the main pictures, because it can be hard to know which person you’re meant to consider as a potential mate. 

Show your personality 

You are unique, and so too shall your photos be. Are you full of romance and angst? Maybe a black-and-white portrayal of you brooding sultrily by a window. Are you a creature of light and whimsy? Maybe a candid shot of you happily sharing a cupcake with a puppy. The point is, rather than worrying too much about the perfect, most flattering shot, make sure your photos still show you, not just your earthly vessel.

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