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June 27, 2022

The Best Praise Kink Phrases in 2022

If you haven’t already, check out our article explaining the Praise Kink (also known as affirmation play or a good girl kink). 

Perhaps you’re dabbling with the idea of praise fetish but need to test it out to be sure. 

Or perhaps you’re already well-versed in the praise kink but need some new phrases to keep the magic alive. 

Either way, here are 25 new phrases you can whip out with your partner satisfy all of your praiser/praisee desires:

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  1. Who’s my good boy/girl/person?
  2. Excellent job, little boy/girl/person. Keep doing that. 
  3. I’m so proud of you. Who taught you how to do that?
  4. How did you get so good at [insert activity]?
  5. You just have the perfect [body part]
  6. All day I’ve been thinking about your sweet [body part]
  7. Your [body part] drives me absolutely wild 
  8. You know I just melt when I see you wearing that. 
  9. I love the way you [do something]
  10. Good boy/girl/human…I’m proud of you
  11. You’re such a good listener. 
  12. You feel so, so good. 
  13. Just like that. How did you get so perfect?
  14. I idolize you. I worship everything you do. 
  15. I could sit here and praise you all day. 
  16. You are my king/queen. I will serve you no matter what. 
  17. I love to be your good little human/boy/girl. 
  18. Just like that… you’re doing so good
  19. I’m going to show you off to everyone
  20. Take it for me, I know you can
  21. Everyone will know you belong to me
  22. You are mine all mine, did you know that? 
  23. I can’t wait to put you on my arm and show you off. 
  24. You’re mine and I’m gonna show you off to everyone 
  25. Where did you learn how to be so good at [something?]

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