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June 21, 2022

The Sound Kink: How Does This Sound?

A Sound Kink, also known as sounding or urethral sounding, is a sexual fetish that involves inserting a medical instrument called a sound into the urethra of a person’s penis. Other names include catheter fetish and cock-stuffing, and it is fairly common among both gay and straight couples. 

A sound is a long, thin, shiny rod made of steel or glass, usually used by urologists in a surgical setting – and now appropriated for the kinky world of BDSM. Imagine the skinny wooden stick that hangs out the end of a corndog – that’s what sounding looks like.

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Now why would anyone do this? Well, because it feels good! Unlike certain BDSM kinks such as object insertion, clamping, or gaping, sounding is not meant to be a painful or unpleasurable experience. When done slowly and carefully, sounding is reported to be mildly to intensely pleasurable. The sound touches many different nerve endings inside the penis and can even stimulate an orgasm if it reaches all the way back to the prostate. 

Not surprisingly, this is a potentially dangerous kink, with risks including bacterial infections, UTI’s, cuts, tears, and nerve damage to the penis – some of which could have permanent lasting effects. Using a sound made from shatterproof material, sterilizing it often and properly, and learning from an experienced Sounder, are musts. 

In a BDSM context, sounding may often be used as a power play, (related: CNC Kink: What, Why, and How) as the sounder (person inserting the sound) gets to control the erection, orgasm, and relative level of pleasure/pain of the soundee (person receiving the sound). There are different sizes (thickness) and shapes (curved, straight, jagged, et cetera) of sounds, which affect the experience in different ways. 

So what do you say: does this sound appealing to you?

Kevin Nahai from the Keys Team 

Dating & Relationship Coach 

IG: @ KevinNahai

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