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July 21, 2022

Tinder Convos: 3 Simple Steps To Not F*** Them Up

Tinder Convos! Don’t you love them? Thinking about what you should say… waiting an eternity for the person to respond… Trying to be funny without sounding like a dud… 

Thankfully you’ve got Keys on your side to help you initiate and carry on fruitful conversations every time. Couple that with the following three steps, and you should be ready to have a successful conversation via Tinder or any other dating app: 

Step One: Get educated on the Seven Deadly Sins. It doesn’t matter how great your profile is; if you commit one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Online Dating, you may be cutting yourself out of the race before it has even begun. Make sure you are using compliments and flattery carefully, asking thought-provoking and open-ended questions, and being respectful and authentic in your communication. 

Step Two: State your intentions. Timing and tact are the keys here. You don’t have to say Hey how are you and then immediately follow it up with By the way I’m looking to get married tomorrow. You can ask a few questions, exchange a few messages, and get to know each other a little bit. But before you swap phone numbers or plan a date, be honest and tell the person what you are looking for. Do not waste their time. 

If you’re looking for a hookup, you can say: “Hey I’m really enjoying chatting with you so far. In an effort to be straightforward and respectful, I just wanted to let you know that I’m only looking for something casual right now. Is that ok with you?” If you’re looking for something more serious, you can say: “Hey I’m really enjoying chatting with you so far. In an effort to be straightforward and respectful, I just wanted to let you know that I’m dating with the intention of a serious relationship. Are you on the same page?”

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Step Three: Get the conversation off the App. Once you’ve made some banter and stated your intentions clearly, it is time to move away from the app. Conversations that drag on for several days on the app are a no-no; the beginning stages are about creating momentum and moving things to the next stage (at the appropriate time of course). Exchange phone numbers, set up a date, and/or ask for a phone call/FaceTime. 

Step Four (Honorable Mention): Use Keys, duh! 

Kevin Nahai from the Keys Team

Dating & Relationship Coach

IG: @KevinNahai

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