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September 9, 2022

Tinder Hacks, Tinder Tips, and Tinder Algorithm – How To Get More Likes On Tinder

Winning at the game of Tinder is not unlike winning at any other game – it requires strategy, effort, and a sophisticated understanding of the rules of the game. However, when it comes to dating apps, there is an added element of difficulty: in order to be successful, you must understand not only the rules of the app you’re playing on, but also the rules of the larger society within which you are playing. 

This means that there are certain social norms, or dating “rules,” that you’ll have to abide by if you want to be successful. That is why point # 1 in this list is not about Tinder specifically, but about the larger world of online dating – which is a reflection, for better or worse, of the larger society. Combine that with the hacks, tricks, and information specific to Tinder that you’ll find in points 2 through 6, and your Tinder game will improve in no time. 

Tool # 1: Follow the rules of online dating.

There are seven deadly sins you can commit when communicating with matches on dating apps. If you don’t know how to communicate properly, then it doesn’t matter how many Likes you get on Tinder or any other app. In society and on the apps, effective communication is everything.

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Tool # 2: Understand the Rating System.

Most of the popular dating apps, Tinder included, use a similar rating system. You are rated not only by how many people Like your profile, but also by how those people are rated. 

For example: Let’s say 5 women have liked your profile. If those 5 women have received hundreds of likes, your internal rating improves tremendously. You rise in the ranks based on both the number of people who swiped right on you and the “status” of each swiper. 

Then, Tinder does its own sort of assortative mating by showing you the profiles of people who have similar ratings/scores to you, so that you and your matches are in approximately the same “league” (according to the App). This is why the App eventually starts to recycle profiles you’ve already seen – people you didn’t swipe right on the first time – rather than suddenly showing you a batch of stunning European runway models. 

Tool # 3: Look your best.

Like it or not, your physical appearance matters a lot when it comes to getting likes on Tinder. The algorithm is coded to recognize and reward good-looking people. What this means is that you don’t have to be Brad Pitt to get matches, but you should present yourself in the best possible light. Use nice photos, dress well, clean up, et cetera. 

Tool # 4: Optimize your Bio.

Your bio should be clear, concise, and lighthearted. Most importantly, it should include insightful information about you. This is your only chance to give your matches a small glimpse into who you are, so seize it. Make sure you include your job, hobbies, interests, and anything else that you think is important for someone to know right off the bat. 

Tool # 5: Be selective.

The Tinder algorithm rewards being picky with who you swipe right on because it wants to make sure you are actually looking at profiles and not just Liking every person. (This is why, by the way, you can only like up to 100 people per day). Take a moment to browse the profile you’re interested in and don’t get trigger-happy with the Likes. 

Tool # 6: Pay up.

Don’t forget for a moment that Tinder is a business; they care more about their profits than helping you meet your husband or wife. The more you behave the way Tinder wants – spending time on the app and purchasing upgrades – the more the algorithm will favor your profile. If you really want to maximize how many likes/matches you rack up, it's gonna cost ya. And it was set up that way on purpose. 

Kevin Nahai from the Keys Team 

Dating & Relationship Coach 

IG: @ KevinNahai

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