A wolf emerges from a dark forrest.
August 18, 2022

Uncage the Beast With Your Primal Fetish

A primal fetish, also known as primal play, is a sexual fetish in which participants (referred to as “primals”) return to their primitive selves and engage their untamed, animalistic desires.

The theory is that way back in the Caveman days we had very different ways of approaching each other and the world, but as society has become civilized and tamed, we have been taught to suppress our primal desires and act sophisticated despite our true nature. It is during a primal scene, then, that we can unleash the brute that has been dormant within. 

During sex, Primals will release their inhibitions and respond intuitively to their desires. This may result in adopting animalistic gestures such as grunting, howling, scratching, biting, wrestling, or fighting. Insofar as it contains an element of power-play, a primal fetish can be considered a subcategory of BDSM (as opposed to a domcategory, get it?).

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As with all fetishes, there are at least three elements that should always be present:

1) Communication before and after the scene, 2) Immense trust between the partners, and 3) Acceptance of the inherent risk of rough, intense sex. Talk before and after, always establish a safeword that means Stop, and make sure you are playing with someone you know and trust. 

Primal play can also be enacted among several non-monogamous partners or with several members of a polycule. This represents the way animals coexist in tribes and mate in groups, known as polygynandry. 

Sometimes sex becomes so intense that you just want to uncage that inner beast and go crazy. Well, now you know there’s a name for that!

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