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June 27, 2022

What Is A Praise Kink, And Do I Have One?

A praise kink, also known as “affirmation play” or a “good girl kink,” is exactly what it sounds like: a sexual fetish that focuses on overt praise, exaggerated compliments, and an outpour of verbal affection. Pretty much the opposite of a degradation kink.

Now, almost all human beings love receiving praise, but that doesn’t mean that almost all human beings have a praise kink. The two are not the same. That’s because a praise kink doesn’t merely involve praise; it revolves around praise. It’s not sex with a bit of praise; it's praise with a bit of sex. 

Take a moment to hear and feel the following phrases: 

  • Who’s my good boy/girl/[non-gendered pet name]?
  • You just have the perfect [body part]
  • All day I’ve been thinking about your sweet [body part]
  • Your [body part] drives me absolutely wild 
  • I love the way you [do something]
  • Good boy/girl/[non-gendered pet name]…I’m proud of you
  • You’re such a good listener. 
  • Just like that… you’re doing so good
  • I’m going to show you off to everyone
  • Take it for me, I know you can
  • Everyone will know you belong to me
  • You’re mine and I’m gonna show you off to everyone 
  • Who taught you how to be so good at [something?] 

More praise ideas here!

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If you get off on the idea of saying these things in the bedroom, you may have a praise kink. The kink is often (but not always) both for the praiser and the praisee. 

Praise kink is more common than you would think; people often don’t know they like it because they haven’t tried it. Some people have been doing a form of praise kink in their sex lives forever, but didn’t even know it was a kink. Or perhaps this type of interchange doesn’t do it for you and you prefer more conventional, less exaggerated forms of praise. We support whatever floats your boat, as long as it is safe, respectful, consensual (or consensually non-consensual?), and preferably between two (or more!) people who have built trust with each other.

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