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June 27, 2022

Who’s Your Mommy? Exploring the Mommy Kink

Move over Daddy, there’s a new sheriff in town – and her name is Mommy. 

In the world of sexual fetishes & role play, a Mommy Kink (MK) is a strong sexual desire to have sex with a nurturing, caring, motherly figure who “babies” or “mothers” you. 

The dark side of the MK is the fantasy of having sex with one’s actual mother; imagine a hyper-sexualized, crass version of Freud’s Oedipus Complex. Although this idea seems startling, it is consistent with a worldwide growing trend of sexual fantasies involving family members – incest porn is the fastest-growing and most-searched category on the internet. 

A milder version of the MK would be role playing in bed with someone who you call mommy as she cares for you, caresses you, and vows to protect you from harm. 

Mommy Kink is often prevalent in female-female interactions, with one pretending to be the mommy and the other pretending to be the daughter or step-daughter.

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So how does an MK develop? There’s plenty of talk on the interwebs that speculates that Mommy Kinks are the result of previous unresolved emotional injury, such as not getting enough attention or affection from your mother as a child and therefore trying to heal an old wound in adult sexual interactions. Others say that it is just a deeper and more intense version of the MILF fetish (attraction to middle-aged women who already have children). 

Wherever it comes from – as long as it is safe, consensual, and legal, knock yourself out!

Kevin Nahai from the Keys Team 

Dating & Relationship Coach 

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