Two women laugh as they watch one of them text.
June 27, 2022

"Should I text him?” We have the answer.

A lot of women want to know if they should text a guy or not. All of a sudden, you catch yourself wondering “Should I text him?” There are a ton of reasons you might feel confused in this situation. Perhaps you feel it's too forward. Some women are just plain scared to do it. You find yourself thinking: should I wait until he texts you first? What if he doesn't? What if I text him and he never texts back? There are an infinite number of situations where you might find yourself wondering  whether or not to text him.

So, should you text him? Let’s find out.

Truth is, there are times when you should text him and there are also times when you shouldn't text him. I know, not the answer you were looking for, right? Compounding the problem is that knowing what and how to text a guy is not easy. Thankfully, we have some tips for making the best decision on whether or not to text him.

When it comes to texting, there are no hard and fast rules for the best way to text a guy. The right thing to do is going to be different in every situation. It's all about understanding what your goals are and being able to adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Scenario: you exchanged numbers out in public (at a bar, at the grocery store) and you haven’t heard from him.

The best thing to do here is to text him. Don’t wait, do it right now! You’re both busy people and odds are he simply forgot—which is totally OK. Nobody likes to be forgotten, but really, the only thing in the way is your ego. This is a situation where there is nothing to lose. Greenlight, text him.

Scenario: you matched on a dating app, had a strong connection, gave him your number, and haven’t heard from him.

Counterintuitively, if you had a strong connection on the app, don’t bother texting him now. The reason is that if he was into you after you built up a connection on the app, then he would have texted when you gave him your number. By not texting, he is telling you he isn’t interested and THAT’S OK. Move on, find someone better. Redlight, do not text him.

Scenario: you matched on a dating app, barely chatted, gave him your number, and haven’t heard from him.

On the flipside, if you barely chatted on the app, gave him your number, and haven’t heard from him, reach out! The reason here is that you still haven’t formed an opinion about each other, and him not texting is not an indicator of anything. Greenlight, text him.

Scenario: you’ve been on 1-2 dates and haven't heard from him for a few days.

Here it's okay to text him because you're still casual. This is the time where you can send him a short text saying "hey, how are you?" or something like that. Don’t stress it. Many men, due to societal norms for better or worse, feel they are “supposed” to wait to text a woman after a date. Without getting into the weeds, the best thing to do here is be yourself. If you want to text him, text him! Greenlight, text him.

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