Keys AI vs. Shape Magazine Humans
Keys AI vs. Shape Magazine Humans

Can Keys AI improve "The Best Openers to Use on Any Dating App"?

It’s 2022: meeting on dating apps is the new normal. Meeting online has been the #1 most common way couple meet since 2017, representing 40% of all couples. The first question people have when they start using these apps is: “How do I break the ice?” 

Let’s face it: the majority of people will get overwhelmed with the infinitude of choices, and end up default to a lame “Hey” opener (or, even worse, a “👋🏼”). No matter how cute your pics are, that’s a surefire way to throw cold water on ANY spark of attraction.

That’s why we were so encouraged to see Amanda Chatel’s piece in Shape Magazine, The Best Openers to Use on Any Dating App ( At Keys, we pride ourselves on breaking the ice – after all, we’re the first AI-powered conversational tool, well…ever.

We were a little let down, however, that so many of the lines in Chatel’s piece were just retreads of existing dating cliches. For sure, they were better than “Hey”. But could they be improved by Keys’ AI proprietary system?

We set it loose and, well…we’ll let you be the judge of the below outputs. But if you ask us, the best opener to use on any dating app is Keys AI. 

Take a look: 

Shape Magazine: "Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay?" 

This only requires a one-word answer, which is often what you’ll get. Something with more mystery and intrigue is going to yield a better convo.

🤖 Keys AI: “There is only one *wrong* pizza topping. What is it?” 

Shape Magazine: "Why did you swipe right on me?"

Puts WAY too much pressure on your match right out of the gate. Your match is more likely to simply not reply than launch into a high-pressure response. The Keys line below introduces curiosity and intrigue. 

🤖 Keys AI: “I swiped right but I might regret it. It depends on a few things…”

Shape Magazine: "I was really hoping you'd swipe right on me [insert cute emoji here]."

And? This again shifts the burden of work onto your match, which if you actually want a reply, is a recipe for disaster.

🤖 Keys AI: “I wasn’t sure if you were a bot or a real profile, but I swiped right to find out :)” 

Shape Magazine: "I adore The National! What's your favorite album?"

Snore. This is a great opener if you’re looking to be penpals. Again, Keys introduces more curiosity to keep the conversational momentum high. 

🤖 Keys AI: “A National fan, you passed the first test. Let’s see how you do on the second….” 

Shape Magazine: "What's your experience with this app? Have you tried others?"

Boring, and not leading into flirtation. The Keys improvement below starts a fun adventure role-play conversation. 

🤖 Keys AI: “I see you’re trapped on here too. What’s your escape plan?” 

Shape Magazine: "Which three emojis best describe you?"

Leads to analysis paralysis. There are infinitybillion emojis: are we trying to make things hard on our match? 

🤖 Keys AI: “They say we are the sum of our 3 most used emojis. What are yours…” 

Shape Magazine: "So, how about those Yankees?"

We recommend you stay away from “How about that local sports team” cliche. Many people won’t get that you’re trying to be deeply ironic. You WERE trying to be deeply ironic, right…? 

🤖 Keys AI: “You look like a baseball vs. football kinda person” 

Shape Magazine: "Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then it's a soap opera.”

Okay, we admit: Dad jokes can work. This one isn’t bad. 

Shape Magazine: "I make an amazing lasagna. What's your brag-worthy signature dish?”

The food theme does indeed elicit a high response rate. But this opener narrows the conversation possibilities rather than broadening them. The Keys improvement below is both a double entendre and asks for some personal description from within a VERY intimate part of one’s house, sure to spark more in-depth and meaningful conversation. 

🤖 Keys AI: “I’m looking for a snack. What’s in your kitchen?” 

Shape Magazine: "Let's not waste a lot of time messaging. Are you free Friday for drinks?"

Cons: comes across as thirsty and desperate. You need to show you have at least SOME standards for who you invest time and money in (even if you have none). Seek to establish some kind of aligned intentions BEFORE inviting the person to invest a whole evening (and $20+?) with you.

🤖 Keys AI: “What are you looking for on this app?” 

Shape Magazine: "Should toilet paper be over the top or under the roll?"

Now this …this is an important question. Not even the best AI on the planet could improve on it. 

Shape Magazine: "You surf? I've always wanted to learn!"

Most likely response: “Cool. Yes I surf.” Statements, especially straightforward statements like this one, shift the burden of work to your match. You have given them virtually nothing to work with. The Keys version below asks for a story, instead. 

🤖 Keys AI: “How did you get into surfing? I’ve always wanted to learn.” 

Shape Magazine: "Do you prefer the new Dune or the old Dune?"

Prompts one-word answers leading to conversational stagnation. 

🤖 Keys AI: “David Lynch Dune or Villanueve Dune, and why?” 

Shape Magazine: "By the way, that first smiling pic knocked my socks off. You seem fun to be around!"

Likely answer “Lol thanks”. Conversation over. 

🤖 Keys AI: “That’s quite some smile you have there, is that all-natural? If so you need to introduce me to your dentist or share that oral care routine” 

Shape Magazine: "Truth or dare?"

Some may respond to this gambit, although the stakes are very low on a dating app. 

🤖 Keys AI: “What’s the most outrageous thing you ever did during a game of Truth or Dare?”

(Bonus: if they have somehow never played Truth or Dare, you can suggest the two of you get into a  game on your first date)

Shape Magazine: "If you could only have one condiment forever, what would it be?"

Not a bad question as far as it goes, but it lends itself too easily to one-word answers. Simply adding “...and why” is more psychologically revealing. To boost your response rate even further, give them a multiple choice option.

🤖 Keys AI: "If you could only have Tapatio or Cholula forever, which would it be and why?"

Shape Magazine: "If they were make a movie about your life, who would play you?"

Hyper cliche and doesn’t reveal much about them apart from who they think they look like physically. 

🤖 Keys AI: “Which Hollywood celebrity do you think is most like you in terms of personality?” 

Shape Magazine: "Based on my dating app profile, do you think you can sum me up in three words?"

Puts a HUGE burden of work on your match. By going first yourself instead, you’re actually giving them a gift, which invites reciprocation, rather than just demanding psychoanalysis of the bat.

🤖 Keys AI: “Based on your profile I would say you’re Jolly, Expressive, and Loyal. What 3 words would you say describe me?” 

Shape Magazine: "What's the worst dating app opener you've ever received?"

We already know the answer to this….it’s this one. 

🤖 Keys AI: “What’s the BEST pickup line you’ve ever heard?” 

(Bonus: this not only tells you about them by inference, it gives you a new line you can use on future matches :) 

Shape Magazine: "That last photo is incredible! Where was that?"

Factual requests for information (“where was that?”) are boring – we can do better! 

🤖 Keys AI: “That last photo is incredible! Was that a trip you planned by yourself, or did a friend drag you along?” 

This is more psychologically revealing than simply asking them WHERE they were. 

Shape Magazine: "Let's play two truths and a lie — you go first!"

Again, placing a large burden of effort on your match is HIGHLY unlikely to work in the real world, as anyone who’s spent any amount of time on dating apps knows. Some apps (Bumble) already build two truths and a lie into the profile. If they don’t, just send over your 2 truths and 1 lie and ask them to guess. This does not require too much investment from them, but still gets them engaged in a conversation. Then you can prompt them to play along from their side.

🤖 Keys AI: our AI rejected this style of opener 😬

Shape Magazine: "What would you chose for you (sic) last meal?"

Dark. Tilts the conversation in a very negative direction. People on dating apps need more positivity, not more negativity. 

🤖 Keys AI: “Meal you could eat at least 3x a week without getting bored of it, go!” 

Shape Magazine: "What's your ideal date?"

Again, places the burden of effort on your match. If you happen to be a perfect 10 or A-list Hollywood celebrity, people will respond to this question. For us mere mortals, multiple-choice questions work much better. The below Keys opener gets more into your matches’ personality and social tendencies. 

🤖 Keys AI: “Ideal date: axe throwing or window shopping? How come?”

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