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December 1, 2021

4 things we’re going to need to get used to when the pandemic is over

  1. Smiling in a way that isn’t terrifying

We’re all a little rusty in this department. Personally, I’m pretty sure the muscles I use to smile have atrophied in the past 9 months. Practice smiling in the mirror for a while. We got this. EDIT: we're still in it.

  1. Sleeping with someone one time and not quarantine together for the next year

This happened to a lot of us. Rolling through february, feeling all the valentines vibes, feeling optimistic about the new year. You meet someone, you laugh, you grab drinks. When you’re at the bar ordering another round, you overhear another patron talking about something in China that has to do with bats. You don’t pay them any attention, because it’s 2020 and THIS IS YOUR YEAR. You go back to your table, your date makes you laugh, and you head home together… and wake up to a startling new reality: the person you just slept with is likely your only potential sexual partner and now you live together.

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  1. Meeting your date’s friends

I recently had to introduce myself to new people for the first time in literally 6 months. It was the worst. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget how to be interesting or what to do with your hands when you’re talking at someone 6 feet away from you.

  1. “Group hangs”

Honestly, these can just go away entirely. If you want to spend time with someone, just do it. Adding more people is bound to be uncomfortable for either you, your date, or everyone around you. As someone who has been in the latter of the three groups, I can tell you, there are some things your friends will never let you forget, and “discreetly slipping into a bar restroom” is one of them.

Bottom line: when this is all over and you’re on a date and they seem awkward, give them a little grace - hopefully they’ll do the same for you.

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