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December 1, 2021

Get your convo out of dating apps and into the real world

… or at least into text. 

This can be surprisingly hard to do, but if you want the relationship to move forward, eventually you’re going to need to leave the dating app behind and start communicating via a channel that allows you both to be more expressive and intimate. This could be in person, video chat, or even good old fashioned SMS. But how to move that convo? The best advice we can give you is this: ask for what you want. Don’t try to be too clever about it or too coy, and avoid these conversation dead ends. Want to text someone? Just tell them that you’re really enjoying talking to them, but not really enjoying the dating app, then ask for their number. Or better yet, offer yours! Same goes for asking them on a date, in-person or virtual. And if you get stuck, the Connect category in the keyboard should get the job done.

Bottom line: dating apps can only get you so far; don’t be afraid to take your convo out of the apps and into a medium where you can be your best, most expressive self.

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