June 22, 2021

Is The Dinner Date Dead?

“If he asks me to a f*cking dinner date, I’ll be so disappointed.” I overheard these words verbatim, out of the mouth of a co-worker about to go on a date with a 6’ 3” firefighter with the chiseled arms of a, well... firefighter, I guess. It’s been awhile since I went on a first date, so this strong sentiment against ye olde dinner date surprised me. If not even that guy could get away with the tried and true first date of my youth, could anyone? I asked other friends and coworkers in their early 20s. They confirmed; the first impression should not be made while eating. Thus, the dinner date is dead. 

I pressed them on the format of an ideal first date if the traditional dinner was off the table and here are the criteria I received: It has to be activity-based, low-stakes, budget-friendly, and must involve both parties meeting at the date location; picking up/being picked up for the first date is a nightmare of awkwardness. Now, just because it’s not a fancy dinner date doesn’t mean food and drinks shouldn’t be part of the event. They are, in fact, the final and most non-negotiable requirement. Below are a list of possible dates for the dinner-averse: 

  1. A casual bike ride to a brewery or a food truck. Not too long, very active, flexible in duration, and with the possibility of drinking on a sunny patio. A golden summer romance waiting to happen. 
  2. A hike and a picnic. Bring all the bougie snacks and both of your most favorite drinks. This would be extra fun if you both had dogs to walk. If you do, bring a dog picnic, because that would be very cute. 
  3. Bowling. Please don’t stop reading here. Bowling is timeless, OK?!? If you’re terrible at it, all the better. Most bowling alleys serve cheap drinks and bad food, so enjoy some of that with good company, and you’re to leave with good memories. 
  4. Ax-throwing. This may or may not be locally available, but is more available nationally than one might assume. Primal, dangerous, and only made more so by the large vessels of beer served on-site. Sexy. 

Do you dread the dinner date? If not, that’s ok. Different people like different dates. If you want to stare longingly into the eyes of another while chewing, do so with gusto. But make sure you’re excited for the dates you go on, to set yourself up for success. If you need help putting the plans into motion, the PLANS pill can get you started, and you can take it away from there. Whatever you do, may your dates be sunny, safe, and sexy.

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