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December 1, 2021


Ah, the dreaded purgatory where the chatting seems to be going nowhere. What do you do with a stalled conversation? 

Simple answer: Do not keep making banter (how was your day, what do you do for work, so what are you up to, et cetera). Also avoid these 7 Deadly Sins of Online Dating. If the conversation has come to a standstill but you’re still interested in the person on the other side of the phone, it is time to take it to the next step -- whether that’s asking them for their number, planning a video chat, or suggesting a date in-person.  

There always comes a pivotal moment where it is time to move things forward, and failure to do so can result in utter loss of interest. Continuing to make casual conversation on the app will only make the person you’re chatting with wonder if you’re actually interested and serious about getting to know them, or if you’re just here to mess around. 

Be decisive and take risks! Don’t let the fear of rejection keep you stuck in limbo. Rejections are a part of dating, and the more of them you experience the less they will faze you. But more often than not, if you ask confidently and don’t wait too long, a person will say YES to a date. 

No need to proceed with caution; instead, proceed with confidence! Express your interest and move things forward. For help, try one of our lines in Connect > Plans or Connect > First Date. 

Kevin from the Keys Team

Professional Dating & Relationship Coach

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