We started with a question: Could we bring more emotion and story to our messaging conversations using art instead of words?
We started with a question: Could we bring more emotion and story to our messaging conversations using art instead of words?

Why we brought OpenAI's DALL·E to every phone

Imagine for a second that you are the perfect communicator. Are you curious and attentive, or brusque and effective? Do you use big ten dollar words, or small ones?

Regardless of your answer, there’s a mental state that even the perfect communicator cannot evoke. The reason is that there are emotions, reactions, and associations that cannot be communicated with words. Some things can only be communicated through art. Getting what is in your heart and mind into words has never been easy. That’s where Keys AI can help.

DALL·E, the text to image software created by OpenAI, is a breakthrough in the history of consumer tech. In pedestrian terminology, DALL·E takes words and converts them into images. Stunning images. One of a kind images. Which by itself is amazing. But what matters is what people do with this amazing tech.

The internet is abuzz with use cases for DALL·E. None of them are wrong and most of them make sense. Marketing copy. UX & Design. Stock photography. But all of them have one thing in common: they all are used to connect.

Because that’s what art and images do. They connect. They connect people, they connect ideas, they connect emotion to people and ideas. They connect by telling stories without words.

Connection is the driving force of the world. In DALL·E, OpenAI created a tool for connection. By partnering with OpenAI, Keys AI is helping everyone in the world connect better using DALL·E.

Connecting through art and images is a special kind of connection. If you’ve ever used an emoji or sent a GIF in your life, you know what I mean. It is connection born of creativity, of play, and of exploration. And it is fun. Effortless and guileless fun.

Starting now, users of Keys AI will be able to generate and send images created with DALL·E straight from their keyboard, much like emojis and GIFs. But unlike emojis and GIFs, every image generated is unique to the moment, making the connection that much more potent.

Prior to Keys AI, access to DALL·E has been limited to a small circle of individuals. Not anymore. By putting DALL·E on every phone and in every conversation, we want to help everyone in the world express themselves better and build stronger connections.

At Keys AI, we believe better connection starts with a single message. Have better conversations with matches on dating apps. Connect stronger with your partner. Laugh more with your friends. Send the right message at the right time with Keys AI.

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