Keys AI Launches New Feature Bringing DALL·E to Every Phone

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Keys AI Launches New Feature Bringing DALL·E to Every Phone

Keys AI, a leader in AI-generated communication, now offers its users a new way to communicate through AI-generated images in the same way people use emojis and GIFs to get a point across. Keys AI lives in your keyboard and lets users create stunning AI-generated images in any app using DALL·E.

DALL·E, a product developed by OpenAI, converts snippets of text into custom works of art. Keys AI has partnered with OpenAI to bring DALL·E to every mobile phone in the world.

Keys AI is the first mobile app to offer DALL·E to the general public and is available in the Apple App Store. To date, Keys AI has raised more than $2.5 million in capital after graduating from Techstars. 

"Connection is the driving force of the world and Keys AI is helping everyone be more connected,” said Taylor Margot, CEO. “Putting DALL·E in every pocket will help everyone express themselves better and build stronger connections."

Keys AI brings OpenAI's DALL·E into every conversation

In addition to DALL·E, Keys AI allows users to leverage GPT3 in their personal conversations. Keys AI’s landmark feature, “Screenshot to Respond,” lets users upload a screenshot of a conversation and receive AI-optimized responses.

Keys AI, the inventor of AI conversational coaching, has guided over 40,000 users through 7.28 million coaching conversations and provides over 900,000 coaching suggestions per month to its users.

About Keys

The first AI coach for every conversation, Keys AI believes that better connection starts with a single message. The Keys AI mission is to help everyone in the world be more connected by helping them communicate with more curiosity, creativity, and vulnerability. Learn more at For inquiries or interview requests, contact Taylor at 650.387.7993 or ###

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